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2.7 How to Make Great SmartArt in PowerPoint

SmartArt is a powerful way to visualize data and concepts in Microsoft PowerPoint. It's a series of pre-built chart templates that you can fully customize to meet your needs. Many PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements include amazing built in charts. But sometimes you have to go totally custom to get your point across. I'm working in a slide here and as you can see it's all text so far. I want to make it more engaging, and so I'm going to add SmartArt over here in the empty space. To browse SmartArt options, let's come up here to the Insert tab on PowerPoint's ribbon. Over near the center, I'll find the button labeled SmartArt, and click on it. You'll see a selector menu pop-up where you can browse the wide variety of SmartArt available. The all view is a master view of every SmartArt design. If you want to drill down click on one of these options here on the left side. You'll see cycles, relationships, pyramids and more. For my presentation, what I want to do is show off the management structure of my company. That sounds like a hierarchy, so I'll go ahead and click on hierarchy here on the left side. Once I do this, you can see that there are several options previewed here in the center. Let's say my company is Is led by a single CEO, with multiple direct reports. This option here on the left side looks like a good fit, so I'll click to preview and then choose okay. The SmartArt will appear here on my slide. As you can see, there are text placeholders that overlay the stylish graphics that SmartArt brings to your presentation. This menu that pops up is where I edit the placeholders to fit my own content. I'll click here in the first box and type CEO. As I type you can watch the SmartArt updating and resizing in real time. I'll go ahead and repeat this, typing over each text placeholder with my own content. Okay, now we've got the SmartArt filled in. It's time to explore some of our style options. You'll see two new menus that have appeared under the SmartArt tools heading here at the top, Design and Format. First up, let's check out the Design tab. Here, I can change the layout, promote or demote individual nodes in the chart, or change the SmartArt mode style. Let's say I want to change the color. I'll click on Change Colors here in the middle and then browse these various color options. Once I find one I like, I'll click on it. And PowerPoint will apply it to the SmartArt. Next up, let's check out the Format tab. This applies mostly to the entire SmartArt illustration. Although you can edit each node or part of the SmartArt, you can also manipulate the entire piece just like you would a photo. Suppose I want to right align the chart. I will click and drag a corner to make it a little smaller as you are seeing me do here. Now on the format menu, with my SmartArt selected, I will click on this align drop down here in the upper right. Then I will click align right. The chart will instantly shift to the right sIde of my slide all the while keeping its shape and size. Be sure to spend time exploring all of the different SmartArt options to add something truly unique to your presentation. In the next lesson we'll look at adding motion through animation. Thanks for watching.

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