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2.5 How to Add Stylish Text & Text Effects in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is best used to bring your words and messages to life. One way to do this is through the creative use of fonts. Fonts help you style texts in distinctive ways that your audience will remember long after the presentation is over. Of course, PowerPoint comes with a variety of built-in fonts that you can try out on your slides, but with an Envato Elements subscription you unlock even more unique custom fonts. Elements actually has a whole font section with thousands of fonts available. I'm building a new PowerPoint presentation, and I'm looking for ways to make it more unique. I wanna break free of built-in fonts, and add a brand new one from Elements. Let's jump over to Envato Elements here and navigate over to the Fonts section, by choosing it from the browse menu here at the top. Now, here on the left side you'll see some filters that help you narrow down the types of fonts to look for. Choose Sarif, Decorative, Condensed, and more options to fine-tune your selections. For me, I've opened all kinds of fonts, so I'll scroll down through the options here on the main screen. Each font has a preview thumbnail like you see here, and when I find one that I like I'll go ahead and click on it. You'll see other previews that can be clicked through on the right. Okay, I really like the look of this font, so I'll go ahead and download it. I'll click on the Download button down here in the corner, and then this popup menu, enter a license to use for the font. Remember, even if you stop subscribing to Elements you'll still be licensed to use the font. When I'm finished, I'll go ahead and select Add & Download here at the bottom. The download will begin, and when it's finished I'll jump over and open up the zipped folder to view the font files. In Windows be sure to actually extract the zip file rather than just clicking into it, this makes a difference in how Windows handles the font. You'll see the font files here, now it's time to install the font. Right-click on its name and then click Install. Windows will automatically install the new font, and it should only take a few seconds. That's it, we've quickly gone out and found a custom font from Elements and installed it. Now it's time to go use it in our presentation. Jumping back over to my PowerPoint, I'll start off by clicking and dragging it to select some text, as you're seeing me do here. Then, I'll come up here to the Font menu on the ribbon and click on this dropdown. Just like any other font, I'll scroll until I find the name of the font I just added and click on it. PowerPoint will instantly apply it to the text I've selected. New fonts aren't the only way to style your text in PowerPoint, you could also apply text effects which are creative options to change the look and feel of words on your slides. Let's look at some of these options. I'll click and drag to select some text here, and then right-click on the highlighted area. Down at the bottom of this popup menu, I'll select Format Text Effects. This sidebar menu will open up here on the right side, and you can see these options for shadow, reflection, glow, and more. In this case, I want to add a faint shadow to the title text I just selected. I'll open the Shadow options, and here you can see options for the size and style of the shadow text effect. I'll click and drag on the Size slider, and as you can see a shadow appears right behind the title. Once I have it sized I can tweak the transparency slider as well, to keep the shadow comfortably in the background. When I'm finished with text effects, I can close out the Format sidebar and return my slide to normal view. That's really all it takes, a few simple steps make it easy to create totally unique and dynamic text styles in your PowerPoint. Next up, we'll continue the visual theme by learning how to work with images and backgrounds in PowerPoint. Thanks for watching.

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