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2.4 Use PowerPoint Outline & Slide Sorter Views

Preparation is key when you're building and giving a PowerPoint presentation. Initially I found it really helps to outline my message and content ahead of making my slides. Outlines serve as a guide map to make sure track and utilize the big ideas you want to focus on. But outlines aren't just used for when building your presentation. They're also great when you're reviewing it. That's where I like to use outline view in PowerPoint. Outline view is a way to look over the titles and main text on each slide at a single glance. This is especially useful if you want to review your main ideas right before you present, it's also used for for grouping slides together and figuring out where you've placed certain concepts. Once again we are working in the Symphony presentation from Envado Elements. Lets say I want to quickly review and outline my slides in outline view. At a glance, I will be able to review quick summaries of the contents featured on each and every slide. I'll come up here to the View tab on the PowerPoint ribbon. Now, you will see the collection of options over here on the upper left corner, called presentation views. I'll go ahead and click on Outline View. PowerPoint will shift to Outline View and you'll be able to see it here in the sidebar on the left side. If it has one, the title of each slide will be printed in bold. Any subheadings that you might have will appear directly below with the slide number over on the left side. If you have content place holders, say for images, instead of subheadings, don't worry, outline overview shows this as well so it's easy to find a spot in your slide show and outline view if you need to place an image. To switch away from outline view jump back up here to the presentation views group and click normal. PowerPoint will return to the usual default view. Now lets check out another one of my favorite views in PowerPoint, slide sorter view. This is a way to view your whole presentation at a glance. It's perfect for reordering and rearranging your slides. Slide sorter lives up here in the presentation views group two, and I'll go ahead and click on the option for it. On your screen, you'll see the presentation transform into a series of thumbnails. These are small reviews of each and every slide. You can click on one to view it, or you can click and drag to reorder slides as you're seeing me do here. This is the easiest way to arrange your presentation in the perfect sequence. And if you want to delete a slide, simply click to select it and press Delete on your keyboard. Of course, my changes can be reversed simply by clicking the undo arrow here in the top left corner. To return to normal view, follow the same steps from earlier and choose Normal up here on the left side. As you can see outline view and slide sorter view are two of the easiest yet most useful options in PowerPoint. One is geared towards quickly visualizing the main ideas in your presentation. The other is built around rapid rearrangement of your slides. Whether you use one or both, you'll see how much they can help you build incredible presentations. Next up, we'll look at adding stylish text and text effects to your PowerPoint presentation. Thanks for watching.

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