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2.6 Work With Images and Backgrounds in PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations featuring only text can get dull quickly. To keep your audience engaged, you really have to spice things up with pictures and illustrations. Fortunately, PowerPoint includes a ton of great tools to make this easy. Images and backgrounds can be added to your slides in just a few clicks. There are even built-in editing tools to save you the time and trouble of using an app like Photoshop to make quick changes. The first step is choosing what images you want to add. Of course, you may have photos of your own that you want to use in your presentation, but if you need to find images from an external source you need to be careful. Just because you find an image online it doesn't mean that you're free to use it, even if you're only sharing your slides with friends. Online content of all types is subject to copyright and usage regulations, that's why it pays to subscribe to Envato Elements. Elements, among many other types of content, includes a huge library of stunning stock photos that you can use for your PowerPoint presentations. Let's say I'm building a slide and I want to include two images, one of a sailboat and one of the lighthouse. I'll jump over to Elements and type in sailboat up here in the search box. I'll press Enter on my keyboard, and as you can see here there are hundreds of results. I'll scroll down and find one I like. Clicking on it, you can see a larger preview and the option to download here on the right side. Let's click Download, and go ahead and enter a license use for the photo. Remember, even if you stop subscribing to Elements, you'll still be licensed to use anything you downloaded while a member. That's it, the image file drops into My Downloads and is ready to use. Now I'll just go ahead and repeat this process to find and download a lighthouse photo that I like as well. Now it's time to begin placing the images in our presentation. First up, we need to find a slide with a good layout. If you're using a pre-built custom theme from Envato Elements, many of the slide layouts include image placeholders built in. As you can see here, this slide has only one. That's okay, though, we can learn two ways to add images to a slide. To add an image in an image placeholder, click on Click icon to add picture. As you can see, a file explorer window pops up. I'll just browse to the image I want in my computer and click to add it to the slide. PowerPoint will insert my image into the placeholder. Now, let's say I want to add the lighthouse image but I don't have a placeholder on the slide. No problem. What we'll do is come up here to the Insert tab on PowerPoint's ribbon. I'll click Pictures right below it, and then repeat the same steps as before, browsing to an image and clicking to insert it. Okay, our images are placed on the slide. Now, suppose we want to make a few changes. You can click and drag on an image to move it around the slide. Or to resize it, click and drag on one of the corners as you're seeing me do here. This is ideal for quick movements and style changes, but PowerPoint really offers a great set of options to edit your images. They can be found up on the ribbon. Make sure your image is selected, and then come up to the Picture Tools > Format option. Here you'll find the ability to make color corrections, crop an image, apply filters, orders, rotations, and more. For example, let's say we want to use the image as a background. In other words, it will be behind our text. Again, with the image selected, I'll click on Send Backward here on the ribbon. Then, in the dropdown, let's choose Send to Back. That's all it takes, the image is now placed behind your text and any other objects on your slide. To demonstrate, I'll click and drag a text box over the image and then change the font color to something that really stands out. As you can see, it's really easy to make an image into a background photo. In the next lesson we'll check out another one of my favorite features in PowerPoint, Smart Art. Thanks for watching.

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