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2.12 How to Edit PowerPoint Infographics

Infographics are visuals used to illustrate concepts and data in a clear and concise way. They're especially useful in PowerPoint presentations, because they help you explain your key ideas to your audience. I like to use infographics regularly both to make my slides more attractive, and easier to understand. Infographics are meant to be simple, and creating them should be too. That's why it's so helpful to use prebuilt infographic PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements. Infographic templates like the one you see here are packed with incredible designs that fit almost any situation. All you have to do is add in your own data, and the professional designs do the rest. As I scroll through a few of those slide designs here you can see how many options exist in this template, it's up to you to choose the one that works best. The key to selecting an infographic is figuring out what you're trying to communicate. In my case, I want to document a simple process flow. Let's choose this slide right here as the forward-facing arrow seems to fit my purpose. Now my process has three steps, identification, action, and resolution, so I won't need all four of these arrow placeholders. So first up, I'll click on one in the middle here and select it, and press delete on my keyboard. Then I'll click on this shape and drag it to center it between the first and last arrows. I'll also delete the corresponding text box right below, then I'll align each of these text boxes with the corresponding shape of the infographic. Next up, it's time to customize the infographic to fit my process. In this case, I'll start adding in captions to each of the three text boxes as you're seeing me do here. The bold font is like a title and the text below is descriptive, try not to get too wordy, like I said infographics are meant to simplify concepts and a few words should suffice. Once I'm finished adding my text I want to clean up each shape. For that, I'll just click inside each shape and delete the content placeholders inside. I can also explore up here in the Drawing Tools Format menu on the ribbon. Here I can change things like the shape and fill color, you can also resize each of the shapes. I want mine a little bigger, so here on the right in the size section, I'll type in new height and weight measurements for the shapes I've selected. Then I'll just repeat this process for the other two shapes. With that, it may be necessary to move the shapes around the slide by just clicking and dragging. This will make sure they stay positioned in a coherent layout. That's it, with prebuilt infographic templates, you can build out incredible visual aids for your presentations in just a few steps. In the next lesson, we'll take a look at how to add music to your PowerPoint presentations, thanks for watching.

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